Friday, 21 June 2013

Nautilus Flats in Alibaug - Of Beach, Forts, Fine Living & More

If we tell you that people who buy flats in Alibaug, you would be joining the ranks of celebrities and the rich and famous, would you consider checking out a flat in Alibaug? Well, we think you would! But we would not leave you in a lurch, as buyers today are very well informed. So we are going to woo you by describing one of the most attractive residential projects in Alibaug, Nautilus. It is a very tasteful and thoughtful creation by Mark Ventures, one of the leading real estate developers in Pune and areas nearby. Mark Ventures is known for its dynamic and vibrant team of professionals and its projects are distinguished by their unique locations and appealing designs.
Nautilus, located in the picturesque locales of Alibaug dotted with beautiful forts and serene and sparkling beaches offers nothing less than residences meant for celebrities. Imagine opening your balcony door or bedroom window to lovely views of Arabian Sea, flanked by legendary forts! That is the magic of Studio Homes, 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments at Nautilus. Inspite of being so inevitably intertwined with nature, these residences in Alibaug exude the typical suburban flavor beautifully. Add a dash of theme of Konkan region and you have a blockbuster residential endeavour! Further, the most amazing part of this most sought after Alibaug properties for sale is that it is just about an hour from Gateway of India, Mumbai from a ferry! Can you beat that? From Pune too, it is just about 4-5 hours!
These residences have premium interiors including finest quality fittings and fixtures like granite frames for windows, premium plumbing solutions from Jaguar, vitrified tile flooring and more! Work in the kitchen would never be a chore with Granite kitchen platform and arrangement for water purifier and exhaust fan! If this has got you swooning, wait till we describe the all inclusive lifestyle amenities! There is a range of premium lifestyle amenities offered at Nautilus, right from an amphitheatre to reflexology path to manicured landscaped pathways, providing ample opportunities for a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Party area, swank clubhouse and range of indoor games make sure every single day is lively! So when are you barging on in this party called Nautilus with flats in Alibaug?!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Properties for Sale in Kamshet - Nirvana is a Show Stealer

Okay, we know that buying flats or properties for sale in Kamshet is no way to attain liberation or ‘Nirvana‘ from your financial insecurities or anxiety of not owning a house. But, with Nirvana, a project by Mark Ventures, home buyers can certainly be assured of one thing – your own, good old home, without any serious assault on your pocket! Nirvana is a unique project in Kamshet which will leave you completely besotted.
Only at Nirvana would you find Studio, 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments in Kamshet which are so well designed and classy. But then don’t you find such apartments anywhere, is what you might think. To counter this thought, consider this. What if your second home or holiday home near Pune had an exquisite Buddhist theme with lovely green and open surroundings? Sounds exciting, isn’t it? Well, if this is your idea of a perfect home, Nirvana with the charm and intrigue of Buddhist era merged seamlessly with premium modern lifestyle features, offers precisely that.
The interiors involve a range a features, right from marble frames for windows to fine quality vitrified flooring to French doors and a well equipped kitchen. These residences beautifully stick to their theme. On entering these apartments, you are engulfed by sheer positivity and comfort, leaving no room for tension and anxieties. It is almost like you are liberated from your daily hassles. These apartments have attached balconies, where you can sit for hours marveling at the beautiful environs of Kamshet dotted with Sahyadri mountain ranges and waterfalls. Every moment spent here is rediscovering yourself. Akin to tastefully designed interiors with a distinct upmarket suburban appeal, Nirvana also provides a myriad of lifestyle amenities. 
These lifestyle amenities include a glitzy clubhouse, steam room to detoxify, senior citizen plaza, reflexology path and seating alcove for yoga and meditation, beautifully landscaped pathways and much more for attaining mental and physical health. So a flat in Kamshet at Nirvana can completely change your life! These serene surroundings, just a short drive away from Pune, Old Mumbai-Pune Bypass and Talegaon, are sure to make you buy a residential property in Kamshet! In a nutshell, these flats for sale in Kamshet are not to be missed!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Apartments in Talegaon - Great Choice for Second Homes!

Talegaon flats

A few years back, apartments in Talegaon was Greek and Latin for home buyers and real estate developers. But now, Talegaon is having the last laugh when it comes to properties near Pune. In the past few years, Talegaon has risen like a gladiator and now has a whole gamut of properties on offer. Right from budget homes to lavish second homes and bungalows, Talegaon has a battery of residences to offer. One residential endeavour which deserves a mention among the plethora of properties is Yashwant Nagar Plus by Mark Ventures. Yashwant Nagar Plus truly embodies the innovative and qualitative streak of Mark Ventures, one of the very well known builders in Pune. 
Yashwant Nagar Plus provides much more than a fantastic residence. It offers a lifestyle par excellence, full of satisfaction and tranquility. These 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments are meant for those who have an appreciation for finer things in life. Aesthetics and convenience seamlessly blend in these Talegaon flats with features like elegant main door, premium sanitary ware, water purifier and exhaust in the kitchen and more. The interiors exude a sense of comfort and luxury and you feel completely at ease here. There is a distinct finesse in the interiors which implies that they are easy to clean and maintain! Isn’t this great news for the members of the fairer sex? Plus these residences can also make for great second homes near Pune! 
Now after a sneak peek into the interiors, it is time to step out for some fun! Yashwant Nagar Plus will never let you down on the recreation front! Every member of a quintessentially urban family gets something here. So while the youngsters can have a gala time taking a dip in the swimming pool the senior citizens can mingle with their peers. To unleash the performer in you, Yashwant Nagar Plus has an amphitheatre. And finally, if none if this appeals, a walk in the serene landscaped garden is just what you can do. Inspite of all this, the trump card of these apartments in Talegaon is its location. The project is just around 15 minutes away from Old-Mumbai Pune Bypass and Talegaon Railway station and a short drive away from key areas in Pune. Plus, the weather at Talegaon is a million bucks! So what are you waiting for? We hope to see you there!

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Projects in Alibaug Have a Lot of Positives Going for Them

Projects in Alibaug, or rather properties in the area are getting glamorous with each passing day. With the B-town celebrities, business tycoons and other members of the high society having second homes or holiday homes here, that does not come as a surprise! Also called as Martha’s Vine yard of Mumbai, Alibaug in the recent past has grown in popularity and has a number of sparkling projects to boast about. Here, Nautilus, a residential project by Mark Ventures needs a mention. Hang on if you want to know how cool it is to stay in the vicinity of glimmering beaches!
Nautilus, the name is inspired from a marine mollusk, called Nautilus which outgrows its shell and then enlarges it by adding a new chamber to its shell for next phase of its life. Likewise, in this integrated township of Nautilus, the residents get a chance to re invent and rediscover themselves and get ready for a beautiful new phase of life. An integrated township, Nautilus comprises Studio Homes, 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments in Alibaug with a quintessential Konkan region theme. Sleek and refined interiors with premium fittings and fixtures are endearing here. The attached balconies facilitate stunning vistas of the surroundings including unexplored, shimmering beaches and sea forts.
However, even though beaches and forts are just about walking distance away and the whole project has a rustic feel, the lifestyle amenities here transport you to a typical suburban neighbourhood. The project features a shaded seating area, a senior citizen plaza, play area for children, state-of-the-art clubhouse, party lawn and more. There is something exciting in store for all members of the family at Nautilus. The cherry on top is that similar to projects in Talegaon, Nautilus is just about an hour or so from Mumbai, Gateway of India, from where you get a ferry to Alibaug. Further it is just about 5-6 hours from Pune, a perfect situation for those who want to take a breather and let their hair down, away from the harrowing city life. When it comes to projects in Alibaug, it cannot get better than Nautilus, considering all these aspects. What do you all think?!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Yashwant Nagar Plus Talegaon Flats – Finest Offering from Mark Ventures

Just key in ‘Talegaon flats’ on your web search engine and you are sure to be bamboozled by the number of results which appear on you monitor. However, it is a fact that Talegaon has been a darling of real estate developers in Pune for the past few years now for various reasons now. The brownie points to Talegaon are for its golden location – approximately midway between Mumbai and Pune with a gushing Indrayani River and backdrop of Sahyadri Mountain range. Additionally the infrastructure and quality of residential projects in the area is also improving, making the people connected with real estate in Pune sit up and take notice. Yashwant Nagar Plus is a name which prominently comes up when it is about the new age projects in the area.
A premium offering by Mark Ventures, Yashwant Nagar Plus brings to you some of the finest 1 and 2 BHK lifestyle homes in Talegaon.  These apartments are tailor made for privileged few, with a distinct liking for fine living. These apartments are available in several configurations and have the most alluring interiors involving features like color anodised aluminum windows, black granite frames for windows, premium vitrified flooring and many more. The attached balconies are a delight, especially early in the morning or late evening, as you can enjoy a cool breeze and serene surroundings here. The interiors are easy and to maintain and are meant for maximum comfort and luxury. Further,  Yashwant Nagar Plus features a range of premium amenities like -
  • Landscaped pathways
  • Designer landscaped garden
  • Well equipped Club house
  • Amphitheater
  • Senior citizen plaza
  • Party lawn
  • Reflexology path and seating alcove
There are many more, but we would rather keep them under the wraps so the prospective buyers get pleasant surprises when they actually visit the premises! It would not be a very tedious commute, by the way, to Yaswant Nagar Plus, as it is just about 10 minutes Old Mumbai-Pune Bypass and Talegaon Railway station. Plus, Wakad Hinjewadi and other key areas of Pune too are just a short ride away from these Talegaon flats. Haven’t you still taken out your daily planner yet to schedule a site visit?! 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Flats in Talegaon for sale - Promise of a Fantastic Investment & Abode

In addition to the Sahyadri Mountain ranges, another thing to be marveled at while travelling on Mumbai-Pune Expressway is the flats in Talegaon for sale. The sheer number of residential projects already existing and in the pipeline in Talegaon and nearby areas like Kamshet is mind boggling. In Kamshet one residential venture which is strikingly different from the rest is Nirvana. Mark Ventures, one of the reputed real estate developers in Pune gets full marks for this resort apartment project where you would find smart and well designed Studio, 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments.

The smashing USP of Nirvana lies in its out of the world theme, inspired by the intriguing and mystical era of Buddhism. Infact, the name Nirvana, comes from that, as it is one of the core concepts of Buddhism. The first aspect which gets you closer to peace and tranquility are the surroundings – Sahyadri mountain Range beckoning you along with the beautiful Indrayani River. If these are the surroundings, it is not difficult to envisage how good it must be inside the apartments in Talegaon, Kamshet! These apartments measure 395 sq. ft, 519 sq. ft and 823 sq. ft for Studio, 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments respectively. These well designed spaces will cast a spell on you and will make you forget all the hassles of life.

Be it vitrified tile flooring, which brings in finesse as well as ease in cleaning or earthquake resistant R.C.C. frame structure or marble frames for all windows, everything is meant to take your lifestyle a notch higher. Likewise venturing out in the premises is  an equally exhilarating experience. The premises are adorned with features like a swanky clubhouse, lot of greenery, landscaped pathways and exclusive area for children and senior citizens, among many other fabulous premium lifestyle amenities. Plus, to enjoy this property in Talegaon, in Kamshet, one does not have to travel a lot. Nirvana is just a few minutes away from the Old Mumbai-Pune Bypass and Talegaon MIDC. It is just a short drive of about 30 minutes from Pune! So when do you plan on becoming a neighbor to the residents of Nirvana, by shifting in one of these flats in Talegaon for sale!?

Friday, 26 April 2013

Think Real Estate near Pune, Think Talegaon Flats

The number of Talegaon flats being constructed is increasing and so is the number of these flats being sold! Well, it does not come as a surprise, does it? Surely many of us know how strategically Talegaon near Pune in Maharashtra is located, almost midway between two most important cities in Maharashtra – Mumbai and Pune. One can guess then it is no rocket science that a lot of developers in Pune, Mumbai and nearby areas are milking in the benefits of the location. Plus, the fact that Talegaon is a commercial and industrial hub, housing a number of national and international auto giants, industry names and more, is an icing on the cake. All this is a perfect platform for Mark Ventures, a renowned developer in Pune to present its premium project, Yashwant Nagar Plus. At this premium residential venture you would find 1BHK and 2BHK lifestyle homes which are meant for comfort and ease of living. Apartments at Yashwant Nagar Plus have been thoughtfully and aesthetically designed with some of the best premium lifestyle features. These 1BHK and 2BHK apartments ensure that optimum light and ventilation are enjoyed by the residents. Some of the specifications of these apartments are -

  • Vitrified tile flooring 
  • Concealed electric points with premium modular switches 
  • Black granite frames for all windows 
  • Elegant main door, laminated flush doors 
  • Arrangements for water purifier and exhaust fan in the kitchen 

 The most attractive aspect about these apartments is that the residents get their spot of solace in the form of attached balcony or terrace. The residents are treated to beautiful views of the nature around, from outlines of green topped Sahyadris, to the River Indrayani and Pune cityscape at a distance. While some of the apartments have attached terraces to living rooms, some have for living rooms! So do not forget to enjoy your daily cuppa perched in your balcony! Additionally, Yashwant Nagar Plus is a unique Talegaon property by virtue of the number of lifestyle amenities. These amenities feature amphitheatre, landscaped paved pathways, senior citizen plaza, state of the art clubhouse and more! Further, these Talegaon flats are just a few minutes away from Old Mumbai Pune Bypass and Talegaon Station and about 30 minutes away from Pune! The brand name of Mark Ventures is another embellishment for this project, as this is one of the most rapidly growing and credible real estate developers in Pune.